How To Make Beautiful Polymer Clay Jewelry IN THE HOME

Welcome to ShooShoo Jewelry’s Polymer Clay Jewelry zoom lens! What a wonderful time I’ve acquired creating this polymer clay jewelry site! I make an effort to keep it up to date with new tips and ideas about how to make your own beautiful clay jewelry and welcome questions at any time. There’s been an enormous up-swing lately of individuals wanting to understand how to make polymer clay jewelry and I’m hoping that site will help people that have the drive and enthusiasm to make it happen.

Polymer clay, beads, wire, and mixed press took over my life in the last couple of years. I now have a workroom focused on creating beautiful clay and cable jewelry from your home and find out new techniques weekly to keep my creative processes fresh and alive. I don’t answer the phone, listen to the radio, or watch TV when I’m in my own room . It’s just me, the polymer clay I start warming up in my hands, the clay colors all laid out before me, and the world fades away as my mind begins telling my hands how to proceed.

Some people are talented enough they can paint, some sculpture . I am lucky enough to be able to make beautiful polymer wire and clay jewelry from home! I get so many requests from people asking me how I learned to make the clay and wire jewelry I create.

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They ask what tools are absolutely needed to start making jewelry, the clay brands, the resources, and the list goes on and on. This site will be dedicated to the ones starting out making jewelry just, the ones with the relevant questions about where to consider for help. While I’ve MANY tools and “extras” in my workroom, I didn’t begin that way.

After all, who’s got the amount of money to begin out with all the current jewelry equipment and tools available when they start learning how to make polymer clay jewelry? After all, isn’t that why some of you want to start making jewelry? To make money, right? So, I’ll give you my undertake what you should have and then suggest things that would be NICE to have when you yourself have a few sales under your belt and can re-invest in your home business. A week This polymer clay jewelry site will be added to at least a few times.

There are plenty of creative polymer clay artists out there with original styles writing ideas and tips and great resources, a lot which are free. I guarantee I’ll try to keep pointing you in the right direction(s). If I don’t have a remedy for you, I’m sure I know the right people who CAN! So, please, send me your questions about polymer clay jewelry and let’s work together, OK?