GALACTIC NEWS: November 2019

For the last year or so I keep knocking into bright-eyed, bushy-tailed idealists preaching about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights marketed by the United Nations. A “hue-man” by legal description is not just a man (or girl). It is a “color of Man”— something that are a man, however, not isn’t actually, much like “color of law”– a statute or other representation that are a laws, but isn’t.

Another description of “human” is “monster”—- a thing, and again, not a man or woman. So, are you a “human”? Should “humans” have rights? Arguably not, if they can be found. Why would you give privileges to something that only is apparently a guy, but which is actually, a monster— an pet or a thing only appearing to be always a man? Universal Declaration of Sasquatch Rights?

What does which have regarding the price of coffee beans in China? Even if she was deceived, even if she was coerced, there’s a record of accusation named an “information” signed by your own Mother standing against your good name that admitting you are a “US Citizen”. Oh, and also an unwanted bastard child delivered out of wedlock and cast upon the mercy of the State of Whatever company as a ward of the state. And that’s the complete point of the exercise— to test you and see if you understand who and what you are.

If you do not, you are prey. This is how they gain the data had a need to “presume” against you in courtroom. In the event that you admit to being a “US Citizen”, you are one until you go through an extremely arduous learning and reclamation process to illustrate that you aren’t in fact a “US Citizen” and do not desire any such foreign political position. So that’s the Entrapment Game— help you to ignorantly admit being something you are not and then take full advantage of the admission. It’s the ditto with admitting to being truly a “human”.

If you aren’t a man, they are justified in treating you as something subhuman, something that simply appears to be a man. Another common gambit is to call you “Mister” or “Miss” or “Missus” or various other “title”—- titles are a British means to subject people to the rule of their government. Actually, a “Mister” is either a Midshipman in the British Navy, or a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marines, which is, interestingly enough also the definition of a “Withholding Agent”. I once witnessed a truly outstanding defense against taxes charges.

It was clear that the man had won his case. As he was walking out he was called by the Judge, “Mr. Smith” (not really his name, but you get the point) and he didn’t immediately object and he didn’t just continue walking. The sufferer switched around and answered politely —-and zap! Right back in to the net, right back in to the presumption that he is at fact a “Mister”— a renegade Withholding Agent who didn’t do his duty and didn’t give the Queen and the Pope their cut. The judge then proceeded to ream him and sentence him at that moment to 3 years in jail and an enormous fine—and the poor man got no idea what happened or why.

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Now you understand and I know that he admitted to being a “Mister” which in turn provided the judge the needed prima facie proof to convict him of tax fraud. It is the ditto with the word “resident”. US Citizens— real ones— can’t own land in the us, because they’re foreigners simply “residing” here on a short-term basis while they conduct their business of providing “essential authorities services”.

Any time anyone applies any kind of descriptive label to you— balk. Object. Even though you are not sure there is certainly any agenda afoot, object and “demur” in any case. Give yourself the opportunity to research the legal meanings of the words or power your challenger to define the meaning of the term for you. Anyway, a large thumbs down on “human rights” and a big thumbs up for the natural and unalienable rights of most natural men and female worldwide. The next time someone begins blathering to you about human privileges— guess what happens to do.