Why I Rent My Home, Not Own

I rent because I like things simple. I rent because I don’t buy into the “Great American Dream” of home ownership. Years back I determined being the on-site caretaker for a bank or investment company or home loan company’s property was not “the investment opportunity of an eternity”. Call me un-American, but I don’t feel the least bit guilty about this after i pay the lease each month.

Nosireee. Not one little bit. From personal experience and the ones of home-owner friends, much more likely all the above. And there are property taxes then, the backbone of several condition and local finances. In our condition (with least an added), PT expenses turn up around the middle of December, and the first fifty percent must be paid a couple of weeks from then on. Are you getting the idea yet that “buying” a home is not absolutely all it’s damaged up to be? If you ask me, renting is freedom – freedom from having to rearrange the budget to replace a furnace that breathes its last over any occasion weekend, or using the money set aside for a much-needed vacation for a new roofing instead.

Plus independence from being sued and property fees. But “home” will not necessarily have to be a house. It could be an apartment (or in the united kingdom, a “flat”). My home is a wonderful all-electric one-bedroom pied a terre “in the treetops” (on the 3rd floor) overlooking a little creek that operates through the house. Trash and Water pick-up are included in the rent. Were I renting a homely house, they wouldn’t be.

Cost to me: zero. And no, the above expenses were not given to to me by means of a lease increase. The day I relocated in my own lease is the same now as it was. A lot for the argument that I really should buy a residence so that my payment will stay the same for the life of the (fixed-rate) mortgage.

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Even if the lease does go up, which I eventually know may happen, over many years the excess amount won’t even come near to the out-of-pocket and unpredicted expenditures of home ownership. Do I agree with the myth that by booking ever, I’m throwing away my hard-earned money? For about the same amount the common home owner pays in property taxes each year, I get the cozy and cute place I call home plus a year-round grounds crew. They mow, they rake, they shovel. If it overnight snows, the drives are cleared with a snowplow while the neighbors and I remain snuggled inside our beds.

Do I miss not having my own yard? There are a 160-acre park next door. That’s plenty of “yard” for those who. And I don’t have to mow it either! When Personally i think like communing with Nature, there are a bench I call “mine” under a tree next to 1 of several small ponds. In the sunshine, I like to take a brownish bag lunch time over there, or on the way home from work sometimes, I’ll stop and sit down a spell.