Faking Good Breeding

I’ve mentioned before about my near-obsessive use of sunscreen. I apply sunscreen (or at least, a moisturizer with SPF) each day, rain or shine, whether I’m jammed in bed all day long or lounging on the beach. I loved my Shiseido, but as the weather cooled off and my skin area adjusted, the Shiseido started drying me out.

I needed a fresh sunscreen. It was then which i found out about L’Oreal acquisition of the patent for Mexoryl, a chemical that experienced recently been unavailable in the U.S. FDA constraints. Mexoryl is the top sunblocking agent in the global world, all day long and it will last almost, whereas most sunscreens lose efficiency after 2 a long time (you can read more about this here).

  • It is a light-weight blend of oils to deliver instant hydration without departing an oily residue
  • Spread it out in small round motions
  • Remember beauty can be an illusion
  • 1 teaspoon of ordinary yogurt
  • Every compound in the merchandise have been approved by the FDA
  • Glycerin as an Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

Finally, in November 2006, L’Oreal arrived with Anthelios SX, under their La Roche Posay brand. Although name reminded me of one of Paris Hilton’s Greek shipping and delivery heir boyfriends, I wasnt discouraged, and it was added by me to the most notable of my Christmas time list (yes, I asked for sunscreen for Christmas, I am a huge dork). Weekly to check it out I waited for just a little over, because I wanted to wait for a day when I’d be in the sun for a long period, to see how it did the trick just.

Last week while I was still in Michigan going to my family for break, I got a job interview in Cincinnati, and I thought that the 5 hour drive would be a good time for you to give it a try. If you didn’t already know just this, your skin is subjected to UVA rays (the cancer causing kind) even when you’re near home windows during the day. I applied the Anthelios that morning hours and liked what I witnessed; it was a good consistency, unscented, and didn’t sting my dry skin when I applied it.

I had high desires for my little chemical-laden close friend. That nighttime and lastly looked in the reflection But when I come to my hotel, I was stunned. My pores and skin was blotchy and covered with dried out, red patches. Cetaphil cream, which (for a few anonymous reason) made my skin area even more red and annoyed.

I normally transport a backpack filled with beauty supplies when I go on vacations, but I thought that was overcooking it for a quick overnight time. Moral of the story: always overpack, because the day you don’t, you’ll need everything you left out. The next day I was able to cover up the majority of the redness with concealer and powder, though I still looked a bit blotchy.