= $ =p> this stock is owned by me. (TSX-TCS, OTC-TCYSF). I ran across this stock once i was looking for a dividend paying small cap stock as a filler stock. I look at a filler stock to be someone to soak up small amounts of investment money that I have. However, in the end I did not buy it was a filler stock, I bought it for my trading accounting as a small cap dividend paying growth stock. 0.5M of insider offering no insider buying.

The Brereton family owes some 46% of the excellent stock. The biggest holder is David Brereton with 31% of the exceptional shares. The ongoing company has been buying back stocks. 0.2M and does not have any options. 14.3M and does not have any options. 0.2M and has some options. No stocks are experienced with a director and has some options. This is merely to give you a concept on insider share ownership and option values. The 5 year median dividend yield is 2.71%. This season is merely 1 The current dividend produce predicated on no increase in dividends.73, a value some 30% lower.

If you take into account a dividend increase because of this season of 10% you have an ongoing dividend of just one 1.91%, a value some 23% lower than the 5 season median dividend produce. If you look at a dividend increase for this year of 16.67 (identical to this past year), the dividend yield would be 2.02%, a value some 18% lower than the 5 12 months median dividend yield.

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1.55M. This is a huge overrun. However, this article places LCBO changing specifications. I done IT tasks and I understand from experience that if you would like to bring in a project on time and on budget, you never allow users to change specs when you have a budget and timing set. I was in a ongoing company where this happened on the project. There can be an article on So-Co-IT site about TECSYS expanding its footprint in hospitals with a significant product for the operating room. This company got a positive review on CanTech also. There is only one analyst third , stock and he gives the stock a Buy recommendation.

4.75. This implies at least a 19.31% return with 17.57% from capital benefits and at least 1.73% from dividends. It could appear no matter how you understand this stock, the price is high relatively. This is a tech stock and placing some new highs. Season was 45 The P/E high last.63 and the P/E low was 26.38. On the other hand, the fall is coming and for the stock market the fall can be a time of new currency markets lows. I am not, at the moment, in a hurry to buy more of the stock. I’d pay more focus on dividend produce than other actions. The corporation provides a dividend in mid-September each year.

It is this dividend that generally gets the increase. So keep tuned in. See my spreadsheet at tcs.htm. This is actually the second of two parts. On Monday The first part was published, August 12th, 2013 and is available here. TECSYS Inc. is a source chain management software supplier that provides powerful organization distribution, warehouse and transportation logistics software solutions.