Service Oriented Enterprise

Since the industry prefers buzzwords and acronyms, I’ll enhance the mix. It’s been my observation that the next thing is to consider the ‘outrageous’ services and govern them. I am calling this, ‘JBoGS’ or (Only a Bunch of Governed Services). JBoGs is the natural extension of JBoWS. Services continue being funded in a task (and often silo manner) but are designed, built and operated according to modern governance principles.

With JBoGS, a company will most likely have some kind of registry / repository solution, lifecycle governance and runtime management infrastructure and procedures in place. This is an excellent step after JBoWS and it isn’t too much. People prefer to say, “You can’t buy SOA”. JBoGS. Moving from JBoWS to JBoGS requires some infrastructure, a SOA governance and lifecycle methods, all of which may be bought from vendors like MomentumSI, IBM, SOA Software and Progress. JBoGs may sound like a derogatory term, but it is not.

I applaud the companies that are receiving experience in building and governing services. But let’s get real, that isn’t “SOA” – it’s another stepping stone. I’m tossing out another term: “Patches of Planned Services” (PoPS). Here, we’re aligning the business architecture with the Services. In essence, we’re performing metropolitan planning for areas of services.

This is the ‘planning’ view of SOA typically regarded as a top-down approach. Observe that I used the term ‘patches’; I didn’t use a term like “Enterprise-Wide Planned Services” – the truth is, nobody (who helps to keep their job) will do this over the enterprise. We’ll cut up domains (or areas) and plan one area at a time.

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We have several customers who are in the JBoGS stage right now. Most companies want to get their ‘crazy services’ governed before they move to more ambitious goals. 2008 is apparently the start of the PoPS period. Companies that have matured their JBoGS are now looking for SOA to support business critical processes like order-to-cash.

This means that they will have to move out multiple services (not one or two 2, like in JBoGS). This is actually the driving drive for creating prepared areas of services which are typically aligned to business processes. You’ll notice that in the diagram above I imply that there is something after PoPS.

There is – I understand it, however the future remains cloudy. In the past, I’ve predicted things such as: organizational position to SOA, alignment to business strategy, exterior service networks, and a host of other great ideas. Important thing is which i don’t know, & most likely nobody else does either. Don’t be concerned about it. For now, keep working on the other stepping rocks!

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