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The Jade Lotus

My first post in age groups and my first blog post after my baby appeared. She is 3 weeks old and the most awesome little person and presently taking a nap so I’ll make this snappy. I received some teeny samples of Garnier BB cream in light and medium ( the medium matched my skin properly for the summer – I’m a MAC NC42 – In winter I would blend the light and medium) . I had taken the examples to the hospital beside me as an indicator in another of the books was to take a bit of make-up in your labour handbag with you.

In retrospect I had been too busy challenging an epidural and bouncing on the labour ball to value a flawless complexion. It arrived in handy the third day in medical center ( notorious for the so-called baby blues) when I needed a little of a pick out me up. When the baba was 13 times old we’d her first visit to Dischem (more on that in a later blog post) I took the opportunity and grabbed a tube of the stuff. Broad Spectrum (Eucerin or Bioderma) underneath.

The vitamin C is great – a topical anti-oxidant to battle those havoc-wreaking free radicals. So while this cream provides the optical illusion of blemish diffusion it also defends and moisturizes. The cream is all-in-one treatment/moisturizer/makeup cross — it’s meant to be calming and ultra-nourishing to your skin while providing light, tinted, sheer-looking coverage (sometimes mineral-based) for your dark spots, acne and other facial blemishes.

Variations usually includes a good SPF to protect your skin layer from the sun’s rays and other environmental harm, while providing anti-inflammatory and anti-aging serums to your skin to make it look younger. Some formulations are created to treat problem skin, while others offer skin whitening or shimmer to provide skin an instantaneous glow. BB creams used to only come in a light shade or two and didn’t really blend well on dark skin. I had been quite pleased with the Garnier – it’s affordable, easy to obtain and blended well on my skin.

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  • Grate the potatoes more than a grater, collecting the shavings in a bowl
  • Best Lip Wrinkle Cream with Wakame Kelp Extract
  • Tynor tummy or abdominal belt
  • Pat dried out and moisturize
  • Soothes the symptoms of hives
  • Heart Face Shape
  • 2 years back from SW England
  • 2 teaspoons orange peel off powder

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When young girls start to wear makeup, they’re usually concerned about the most popular, most popular products that will make them feel quite. Their parents, however, generally care more about keeping their daughters’ skin healthy. Slathering on foundations and dusting on layers of blush and mascara isn’t always good skin care.