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Home Business California Sole Proprietorship : Legaladvice

From this I went to legal zoom and they recommended or their automated software lead me to get a DBA, Sellers, and EIN permit, do I still need to go to the town for a business license? Do I need a resellers license as well? You can do it for free online with the IRS, same with seller’s permit (sales tax) at the cdtfa. And I believe the reseller’s license was part of the seller’s permit.

So the legalzoom bundle seems like a more costly way to do it all but it’s probably faster and easier, and you save needing to drive to a courthouse. And yes, you may still need a city business permit. 30k for operating a business without the business license. It depends on your city. Some cities require them, some don’t. You’ll have to check with your city, they may have information on their website.

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  3. Call the JMS Business Service
  4. Other requirements (6 units)
  5. Hotels or lodging
  6. Use of your house for business purposes, such as a office at home or workshop
  7. Processes associated with capability
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