Different types of Pallet rack protectors 1

Different types of Pallet rack protectors

There are many options for pallet rack protectors. Some have more benefits than the others. Learn more about Steel, Column and End-of-aisle guards, and how to choose the right one for you. The article also includes helpful tips to keep your racks safe. Additionally, the article will show you how to install pallet rack guards. These rack protections can be used in your warehouse. When you have any inquiries about where by in addition to tips on how to employ pallet rack column protectors, you’ll be able to contact us on our page.

End-of-aisle protectors

Protective pallet racks at the end-of-aisle are essential to protect warehouse employees, inventory and equipment from accidental collisions. A pallet rack accident can cause damage to the upright frame or injury to workers. These accidents can lead to major losses and expensive repairs. End-of-aisle protectors are designed to protect workers. End-of-aisle protectors can also be used to stop forklifts hitting the pallet rack.

Different types of Pallet rack protectors 2

Column guards

You can choose from many types of column protectors to protect your uprights on pallet racks. There are many styles of column protectors available, including bolt-behind and floor-anchored. These column protectors are made from heavy-duty steel with a durable powder-coated exterior. Mac Rak offers a lifetime guarantee on its entire line of products, including Elite upright guards which can also be purchased as an after-market accessory.

Rubber column guards

Column guards are a great way to protect pallet rack uprights. They protect columns from minor cumulative damage caused by a forklift colliding with them. Simple snap-on mechanisms make it easy to mount rubber column protectors to uprights. Pallet rack rubber column guards protect against accidental collisions between a pallet rack and a forklift. This prevents unnecessary damage and avoids costly repairs. There are two main types, column-mounted and floor-mounted.

Steel column guards

Steel column guards can be used to protect pallet racks from being damaged by forklift traffic or sliding pallets. It protects individual columns from damage and can easily be removed when the rack has to be moved. You can adjust please click the following post rack guard to your exact specifications. Its sturdy construction prevents forklifts from damaging the rack or the forklift. It is also easy to move from one location to another.

Protective cover for columns made from polymer

The polymer column guards, which are safety accessories for pallet racks, can help ensure that both employees and your materials remain safe. These protective accessories are simple to install and can also be recycled via most curbside recycling programs. These guards have the main advantage of reducing rack damage by as much as 80% They attach to your rack without the need for tools or anchors. The polymer is inert to moisture and resists breaking at temperatures above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The polymer can be painted to match pallet racks.

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