AND JUST WHY Was It Necessary?

Jillian explained this last week’s event as her very favorite (2nd week in Season 9) and asked visitors to give her reviews on her behalf Facebook page. All the responses I read was positive. My reaction was completely different. The show went over the top in my book. First part of it, was abusing the contestants one by one psychologically.

Dr Huizenga was responsible for that. Although none of them have any real co-morbidities, that didn’t stop him from providing them with dire predictions of where they will be within the next couple of years, i.e. diabetic, aging prematurely or dead. He mixed this message with strong recommendations that these were hurting themselves by being overweight.

And Dr Huizenga managed to get all the falsehoods about obesity in this part. Jillian the reviews on her Facebook fanpage. Each participant, male and female as well was ripped aside psychologically and ended up crying. It was not pretty. I finally fast forwarded through the others of it after being thoroughly nauseated. Abuse of any one and especially psychological abuse leaves lasting scars. And just why was it necessary? These folks have all shown good trust by coming to the ranch to begin with.

Keep in mind that the total amount beam the 89 lb gymnasts walk on is four in . wide. With their credit, most of them battled through this challenge but one older lady who is petrified of the water tried and attempted and just couldn’t take action. She finally dropped on her behalf face on the cement across the pool and got an ambulance trip. She was okay but experienced a bruised face and a black eye. Jillian got this lady and helped her to figure out how to float later.

  • Drink more water. This might seem counterintuitive but our body starts to keep water
  • Super-rugged design
  • Health background form
  • Has anyone hit a weight plateau
  • A happy, confident person who doesn’t freak out about food
  • Vitamin E

I imagine that’s supposed to make it OK that she was pressured to do the challenge which petrified her and finished up getting her hurt. Surely she will not be the first damage. Injury is common among the contestants on the Biggest Loser who immediately start running and other things they shouldn’t be doing at their size. Finally was the “last chance workout” (the last workout prior to the weigh-in). Jillian and Bob delighted in “conquering up” the contestants, screaming at these to go faster, harder. Two of these told them TV cams that they harm around from last week and now they had to workout harder and it was sheer pain.

The pain demonstrated on the encounters of the majority of the contestants. Some were crying and screaming at Jillian and Bob back again. Of the team which fell “below the yellow line” (didn’t lose “enough weight”), was a mother and her daughter. The mother asked to go home. I notice something interesting in those removed.

It’s kind of like hitting your head against the wall. Feels so excellent when it stops. I did not yet create the largest Loser for documenting in a few days. I think I’ve had my fill. After watching several seasons, each successive one which includes highlighted heavier, less fit, older contestants, and watching those people on the ranch gradually get battered, physically, emotionally and psychologically, I’ve experienced enough of that show.

And a unfortunate thought involves mind. If these were not excess fat people, what’s done on the ranch would be unlawful. For instance, in the 1960’s when similar things though not near as abusive, were done in the “EST” seminars on a weekend to managers, the “EST” group got in serious trouble. Nobody seems to value the fat people on the Biggest Loser though. And this is the real tragedy.