Buy Silver Dollars, Not Booze

Silver dollars are well and good, but are overpriced because a little is carried by them of coin premium. Much better to buy “junk” silver: pre-65 US dimes and quarters. They are better than silver precious metal dollars. When you get sick and tired of looking at your stash of US cash, you can branch out into Swiss, Canadian, Brit, and South American silver precious metal. They may be obviously less liquid as an investment, but that can make them a much better deal silver-wise actually.

In order to ensure that liabilities are disclosed completely, each party may decide to consider asking for a free duplicate of their credit file. This will help ensure that liabilities are accounted for which additional debt is not a surprise to either party later on. The financial picture of a couple who is involved in any business is normally more complex than that of lovers who are employed by companies.

In the event that one or both are owners or part owners in a business venture, the following items should be provided during divorce mediation. Having an accurate financial picture of the net worth of an individual and a couple is essential in identifying the division of possessions and liabilities. When lovers are along the way of divorce and one or both parties don’t mind spending time in a small business, they will need to know what financial information to bring to divorce mediation sessions to discover the best outcome.

Profit and loss statement – an up-to-date income and loss statement should be provided during the mediation process. This is prepared either by an accountant (and audited) or be completed by the individual involved in the company. Business tax records – in most cases a divorce mediator will demand at least one and perhaps more years of business tax returns.

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  • 100 Years of Inflation History: summary of the impact of inflation on major investment classes
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This is particularly important for well established businesses. Business banking information – all bank records including looking at accounts, lines of credit, loans, cost savings accounts, etc., should be proven during the mediation process. Lease agreements – copies of most lease agreement including vehicles, property and/or equipment must be provided. This can help provide a much better overall picture of the strength (or weakness) of the business.

Divorcing couples that have a number of parties involved in a business often have employees, key life insurance policies and other financial obligations. Any documents that show the entire financial status of the ongoing company should be provided during the divorce mediation process. Another typically overlooked group of liabilities and property may necessitate specific financial documents to bring to a divorce mediation.