Can A Weighted Vest Help Weight Loss

Weighted vests and weight loss do not go hand in hand. Yes, there is absolutely no denying it, weighted vests can help with weight reduction and they are used by many people all over the world. From professional sports activities people to individuals dieting or then add more intensity with their training. However the amount of injury’s caused by weighted vests is shockingly high. In most cases someone that is overweight, not been exercising regularly, and is now convinced that they can add more weight with their already obese even, out of form body and start working is not really a good idea out. You are requesting injury’s.

An obese body has already been carrying far too much additional weight to even consider putting on a weighted vest. Lets not forget, somebody who hasn’t been exercising frequently, overweight or not, is more susceptible to injury. So more excess weight shall higher the chance. So, what exercises are OK when wearing a weighted vest? For overweight people, or people who don’t exercise on a regular basis, the only recommended form of exercise when wearing a weight vest is walking.

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The more weight you are holding, the more pressure it is on your system all together. That includes your bones, veins, tendons, and nerves. Walking will be tougher normal when wearing a weighted vest then. You will most probably be a little out of breath to begin with, however the more you wear the weighted vest while walking the greater used to it you can be. Walk in a weighted vest for 10 – 15 minutes at the right time. Walking is OK, but don’t get tempted to perform in a weighted vest if you have been neglecting training regularly.

High impact training like running while wearing a weighted vest is an absolute No no if you are obese or haven’t experienced regular training for quite some time. The risk of getting bad legs, bad back, tugging a nerve, or pulling a muscle is huge. Steer clear of these if you are obese or out of shape because they are only recommended for extremely fit individuals.

Personally I would not recommend a weighted vest that heavy to even the fittest and most conditioned of individuals. There is simply too much threat of becoming wounded. Warm up properly before training in a weighted vest Always, which includes walking in a vest just. Also, walking on grass is preferred to lessen the risk of bad knees from the extra weight of wearing a weighted vest and walking on concrete combination.

Hello everyone, wish you are all sticking to your exercise sessions and staying in shape! It has been quite a while since writing this post. And within the time that has elapsed a lot of websites have popped up with articles about weighted vests. A few of them are bang on the money and understand the risks involved when wearing a weighted vest to train in.