Company B Is Very Similar

Company A has found a good niche market and coasts along with turnover of £1.2 million and a income bill of £600,000. Its VAT bill of £200,000 remains unchanged. Employer’s NIC obligations go up to £121,440. Employees’ NIC is 32%). So that’s another £60,000 down the tax toilet consequently of your choice to defend myself against more employees and try to expand the business. So inform me, of the three taxes, VAT, Employer’s NIC and corporation taxes, which discourage re-investment the most? VAT, in relative terms its Employer’s NIC and in behavioural terms, corporation tax encourages re-investment. Employees’ NIC doesn’t exactly help matters – greater to truly have a flat rate on tax on everything.

But it is possible to add new users beyond your contact list through their username or snapcode. A snapcode is actually a QR code that’s unique to your account and so happens to be your profile picture on Snapchat. Anytime anyone takes a picture of your snapcode with Snapchat they’ll be able to automatically add your account. That means if you would like to grow your Snapchat following, you should immediately change the profile pictures on all of your social media accounts to your new snapcode.

But the primary problem with snapcodes is that you’re only given the choice to take a picture of yourself, or whatever is actually around you, to use as your profile picture. This can be a little of a nagging problem if you’re intending to run a branded account, like we are. The last thing you want is a profile picture of yourself with awful light and bed hair. But fear never, since there is ways to customize your snapcode for better branding.

Thankfully, Snapchat allows you to down load your snapcode sans snapchat account picture through their website. From there it’s a very simple matter of using something like Canva, or any other basic image editing tool, to create your branded profile picture. The only caveat is that you can’t modify the snapcode itself in any other case it’ll make it unreadable. Also make sure to frequently remind your followers that you have a Snapchat account. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try to give your snapcode more attention wherever possible.

Just like with Instagram, the more you post, the greater followers and views you’ll get. In Snapchat, general public stories are purchased chronologically, with the latest story taking pictures to the top of your follower’s give food to straight. That means if you would like more views on Snapchat, you ought to be posting as frequently as possible to be able to stay at the top of your followers’ feeds.

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But that doesn’t imply you should start firing off snap after snap of poorly thought out content that does nothing but annoy your fans. Like any great social media marketing plan, you need to come up with a great content strategy. Your content strategy depends upon your brand and what type of Snapchat account you have.

But needless to say, the last thing you want to do is just post arbitrary snaps of your entire day and whatever it is you’re thinking about at that moment. While this is excellent content if you’re a celebrity or if your audience is primarily made up of friends and family and family, arbitrary snaps are awful if you’re seeking to appeal to a wider audience. Although it is important to post content as as it can be frequently, never sacrifice quality for volume. Like any other content platform Just, the main element to getting more views on Snapchat is to create great content.

Here are some basic rules of thumb to make sure that your followers get excited every single time they see your username at the top of their give food to. As this content Crafter for Foundr, by the end of the day I live by one rule as it pertains to creating quality content: great value equals great content.

But what qualifies as great value depends upon what your brand is similar to and who your audience is. If you’re a celebrity, you can get with doing snaps about your individual life away, because your fans would find your regular hijinks valuable. If you’re not a celebrity, you might like to rethink that content strategy. As always, the easiest way to give value to your audience is to educate them. This is a great way to further create your authority and influence by actually offering your audience content that’s relevant to them.

A guideline we always abide by when it comes to the Foundr Snapchat account is to give away at least one lesson each day and each and every snap has to provide value. Of course, it’s a little tricky trying to stick to these rules within the 10-second time limit.