CUHK Hong Kong: Interview With Admissions Director

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is the longest set up business school in Asia. Thus giving it a huge first-mover advantage and clear vision in nurturing business market leaders. Around 70 students (42% woman) with the average age group of 29, the class represents over 20 industries. The average GMAT rating is 650 and the common work experience is 5.38 years. The employment rate after a few months of graduation was around 96%, with 93% students finding job opportunities in Asia.

A whopping 82% managed to change industry/function. Sameer Kamat, founder of MBA Crystal Ball, interviewed Becky Tsang (Head of Admissions, MBA Programmes, CUHK) to exceed the true amounts and find out more about the business enterprise college and its flagship MBA programme. MBA Crystal Ball: What are a few of the less popular facts about CUHK that you’d want candidates to know?

CUHK: We are extremely popular in India, and CUHK has always been a top choice for Indian students. Our first Indian student graduated back in 1995 and we have been nurturing plenty more since then. Vikas Sharma (Class of 2013) was a successful banker in India, he took his career global with a CUHK MBA and is currently a Director at UBS Dubai. Our alumni footprints span across a huge array of countries in different continents.

There are enough opportunities for our students to get global exposure via international study trips, internships, oversees case contests, career treks and more. So come find out more about what we offer! MCB: In addition to the formal site, what can international students do to learn more about the MBA programme and interact on a far more personalized basis with the admissions committee and students? CUHK: We have a dedicated team of admissions specialists accountable for different regions and they’ll guide candidates through the application process. Personalised consultations can be arranged to address any specific questions candidates may have prior to their applications, and alumni are present to answer questions.

All the bases are protected, and you can find all the given information you will need. Skype and phone interviews can be arranged if a face-to-face admission interview is not feasible. We organise a number of admissions events like sample classes or alumni sharing events with specific topics matching current business needs in various locations.

We also organise webinars for individuals who cannot go to these events bodily. You are invited to view the upcoming occasions on our website. MCB: Give us some more insights into the program evaluation process. Explain the step-by-step process that happens from the time the application form is received till your choice is made? CUHK: Be sure you have everything in hand before you begin. Before submitting the application, please make sure you have all of your documents ready as any missing documents or fake information may lead to delay in your application.

Please clearly condition and provide proof for a recognized bachelor’s degree with honours or equal professional certification; your full-time post-qualification work experience (minimum 3 years) as well as your English Language Proficiency, GRE or GMAT Score. All submitted applications will be reviewed based on the mandatory admissions standards within 2-3 weeks. Candidates will talk with two interviewers who’ll either be our teaching staff, admissions or alumni Director. Admissions results will be released within 2 weeks following the interview. MCB: How does an applicant evaluate and demonstrate ‘fit’ with the programme? CUHK: At CUHK, we wish top students to keep consistency in our program, and that means you can also experience the best.

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As we build each course, we look for the most promising students in conditions of career progression and potential, demonstrated leadership qualities, personal contributions and characteristics as well as their perspectives, values and aspirations. We take a holistic approach and take all these factors into account. We look for candidates who may bring diverse perspectives and encounters to the MBA course as CUHK’s collaborative educational process leverages the breadth of students’ history to deliver a range of methods to real-world problems. Through this diversity, you can start to understand the encounters of others, to challenge your own assumptions and also to develop new way of seeing the global world.

MCB: Is it possible to talk about some DOs and DONTs – especially for international candidates for the application form essays? Anything that’s a complete turn-off? CUHK: There are many things that can certainly help you! So take note. Do state the most crucial career achievement in the past 3 years like the projects you managed or the advancement you had. It really is good to spell it out the role you performed in the tasks and exactly how your calibre or experience led to the success of the projects.

Remember to spell out your inspiration for seeking an MBA, future career plans and become ready for the interviews and try to win over our interviewers with your enthusiasm on what your goals are. If we can feel your enthusiasm, it will be a great help for you! MCB: Approximately what percentage of the incoming class gets some kind of scholarship? CUHK: If you want financial aid, all listed awards and scholarships are open to candidates applying for the CUHK MBA’s full-time programme.