Event Processing Thinking: 6/29/14

I have recently written about personalization as another frontier. That is among what I intended, several prototypes was highly individualized to the need of an individual (or maybe a small band of persons). In the mass production world, there is no business model that can generate those products, nevertheless the 3D computer printer technology can make it possible to produce product for folks or small groupings.

Fixed capital : It refers to durable capital goods that are used in creation over and over till they degrade. Machinery, tools, means of transport, manufacturing plant building, etc are set capital. Fixed capital will not mean set in location. Since the money committed to such capital goods is fixed for an extended period, it is named Fixed Capital. Working capital : Working capital or variable capital is described the solitary use produced goods like recycleables. They are used and only one time in creation directly. They get changed into finished goods.

Money spend on them is fully recovered when goods crafted from them are sold on the market. Circulating capital : It is referred to the amount of money capital found in purchasing raw materials. Usually the word working capital and circulating capital are used synonymously. Sunk capital : Capital goods that have only a particular use in creating a particular commodity are called Sunk capital. E.g. A textile weaving machine can be utilized only in textile mill.

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It can’t be used elsewhere. It is sunk capital. Floating capital : Capital goods which can have some alternate uses are called floating capital. For e.g. electricity, energy, transportation vehicles, etc are the floating capital which may be used anywhere. Money capital : Money capital means the money money available with the business for purchasing numerous kinds of capital goods, raw material or for construction of manufacturing plant building, etc. it is called liquid capital also. At the beginning the amount of money capital is necessary for just two purposes one for acquiring fixed assets i.e. set capital goods and another for purchasing recycleables, payment of wages and reaching certain current expenditures i.e. working capital.

Private capital : All of the physical property (apart from land), as well as purchases, which bring income to a person are called private capital. National capital : Capital possessed by the whole nation is named nationwide capital. It comprises private as well as public capital. National capital is that part of national wealth which is employed in the duplication of additional prosperity. International capital : Assets owned by international organizations like UN, WTO, World Bank, etc., constitutes a global Capital.

The controller provided is responsive enough. There is a row of LED lamps mounted on underneath area of the display, providing more lighting to travellers if required. The IFE has numerous programmes, ranging from films to TV programs. In the month to come There is a good preview section for in-flight films that’ll be screened.

Unlike my earlier experience with SQ (it’s been awhile since I last flown on SQ), selections aren’t distributed. People shall only know of what is served during food service. On this leg, we received options of Rooster with Stir-Fried Fish or noodles & Potato. The chicken meal will not look appetising, as the fish meal tasted rather fresh. The part of food is enough to fill one’s stomach.

On this leg of the trip meal options were Fish & Potatoes and Chicken Nasi Briyani. I chosen the chicken food on this knee and it is very delicious. The flavourful Nasi Briyani is much better than a few of the those within Singapore. As SIN – BKK route is a short route, ice-cream weren’t provided, dessert was sponge cake for both legs.