Facebook Timeline For Business Pages

If you have not yet converted your Facebook lover page to the new Timeline design, your web page will automatically convert on March 30th, 2012 which is approaching fast. This post addresses nearly all basic settings and features you need to know. Even if you’ve upgraded, you’ll find some tips here!

One of the biggest feature changes that lots of businesses are upset about is removing a default getting tab. That is, where you can create a custom landing page for non-fans using an iFrame app, and add wealthy media, an opt-in container and/or a convincing reason to join your fan page. Fortunately you can have custom tabs, plus the like-gating element functions.

You just can’t arranged a default landing tab. However, each of your applications still has its own unique URL. Using the new Timeline design, you’ll notice the large cover image near the top of your web page generously. You may find that you care less and less about a default landing tab with this little bit of prime real estate that is always noticeable to fans and non-fans as they land on your page. The measurements are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.

It’s an excellent spot to showcase photographs and graphics regarding your brand/business. Personally, I’m very worked up about the cover image! You have to be able to preview your page(s) first, made all the edits you want, get it just the way you want it, then publish. Search for the preview option at the top of your web page in the old design.

Or, visit a set of your webpages here and start web page preview setting. Before you publish, at minimum just have a nice-looking cover image loaded. Your page will automatically convert on March 30. My advise is don’t wait. There is really no strategic advantage to waiting around … okay, maybe if you have a really hot custom landing tab with a like-gating advertising campaign that’s going very well.

  • Do ask when you’ll get your final check
  • When will you broadcast the video
  • Purchase products while building up your credit
  • Landfill gas (eligible until June 30, 2018)
  • Sell profits on return, and sell it to the CFO
  • 11 years ago from Canada, USA, London
  • Higher Security MAY BE Required

Otherwise, go for the update now and lead just how by educating your enthusiasts on all the new features. Dimensions for the top cover image is 851 x 315 pixels. In the event that you upload an image that’s smaller than these proportions, it shall get extended to the larger size. The image you must be at least 399 pixels wide upload.

Facebook encourages you to change your cover image as often as you want. Newsflash: each time you change your cover image, this articles on to your wall structure and goes into the news headlines feed of your supporters out. You might find the activity itself doesn’t get great Edgerank (visibility score in the news headlines feed).