FOR A FEW In Need, Facebook Is PATH TO New Kidney

Between a child photos and reminiscences about senior high school, more and more pleas for help from people who have failing kidneys are popping up. Facebook and other sociable mass media sites are quickly learning to be a go-to spot to find a ample person with a kidney to free, according to the people asking for help plus some national organizations that help matches.

Brown’s story is not unique, said April Paschke, a spokeswoman for the United Network for Organ Sharing, an exclusive nonprofit corporation that manages the country’s organ transplant system for the federal government. This past year, a man in Michigan found a kidney donor through Facebook also, and a Florida girl found one through Craigslist. Damon Brown admits he was just a little embarrassed to ask for help so publicly.

Except for telling close friends and family, the Seattle father of two young guys had been keeping his illness pretty noiseless. He was on the official transplant list and had began mobile dialysis through Northwest Kidney Centers but Brown was viewing his health deteriorate – he was constantly exhausted and achy.

He couldn’t take a seat on the bed to tell bedtime tales to 5-year-old Julian and 3-year-old Theo because he previously to stay close to his dialysis machine. Brown had put himself on the long wait around list for a kidney from a deceased donor, knowing he would have to wait at least three years before he was called.

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After one particularly difficult visit with his doctor, Damon and his wife, Bethany, made a decision to create the Facebook page, which has seduced more than 1,400 friends. A few weeks ago, after the transplant was approved and planned, Brown posted the good news to his Facebook friends. Kelly L. Hallissey. “This is awesome!! Praying for your household for positive information and a great way to start 2012!” wrote Brenda Tomtan. Many people aren’t aware that liver and kidney donations is now able to come from living donors.

In 2010, 16,800 kidney transplants were performed in the United States, of which 6,277 came from living donors, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. An average of 46 kidney transplants take place each day in this country, while another 13 people who have been waiting for a kidney die each day.