HOW TO BEGIN AN EFFECTIVE Freelance Writing Career

If you have a blog or website, one of the best ways to make passive income is to promote affiliate products. That’s why you see so many sites with those Google advertisements. Though they produce mere pennies for most Even, it’s pennies that don’t need to be worked for (I make like “utility bill” and “girls night out” money from my site).

Can one does better? I’ve spent all day establishing the affiliate program for Inkwell Editorial’s ebooks. This weekend so that it can be sold as an affiliate marketer product I’ll publish the freelance writing e-course to e-Junkie. 495, so you’ll jump for joy when you sell this “Freelance Writing Career in a Click,” my tag line for this. But . . . Probably one of the most effective ways to market affiliate marketer products is to try them out, right?

But, who gets the money to buy every affiliate product they might want to promote? I know I wouldn’t. Freelance writing is a distinct segment where buyers are extremely discerning. 39.95 (of course, you don‘t get the free website or marketing guide offered with the freelance writing e-course). As I alluded to earlier, reviews and testimonies are the best way to promote an affiliate product. To create effective ones, you need to know what the products are about.

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  • Should your organization’s blog have editorial guidelines
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So there’s no catch at all. I simply want to give you a chance to review the ebooks so you can inform potential purchasers about them is likely to words. A 100% Affiliate Payout? And I’m even going one step further, you get to be able to make your cash on your first sale back.

You could keep 100% of your first sale. Regardless of how much it is, 100% of your first sale will be paid for you (minus payment processing fees billed by, for example, PayPal). 495, you shall keep all of that. Sometimes, purchasers shall buy more than one item under your affiliate marketer link.

Note: You aren’t obligated to buy anything to become an affiliate. It’s free absolutely. You can just refer purchasers to the informational page I’ve written for every product. How Do I Sign Up? It’ll really be as simple as cutting and pasting a web link on your site (that i provides when the program officially opens).

The reason I don’t want one to sign up now could be because I’m still fine tuning a few of the affiliate sales tools (discussed below). “EASILY can’t now subscribe, why are you telling me about it? One reason is, I opened my big mouth area and guaranteed to bring you more info onto it in Wednesday’s blog post. And I like to keep my term.