How To BUILD A Social Media Content Calendar

Ever recognized that it’s been a week since you submitted something on your business’ Facebook page? When do you last share something on Instagram? Got swept up per day of meetings and didn’t employ on LinkedIn? This is why you will need a social mass media content calendar. Preparing your content in advance will make sure that you stay organized, instead of day to day will be more efficient and doing it in one chunk. We recommend creating at minimum a week of content at a time, a month at a time up to.

If you prepare beforehand, you won’t be stuck with nothing when things get occupied. Before you start filling in writing or spreadsheets content, think of what you would like to say. Building your calendar is a great time to think about your brand’s content strategy. For the week or month Sometimes it helps to begin with a theme. Decide what type of content you’re going to share on what day. Perhaps the theme for March is spring and you’ve decided you’re going to create three bits of original content (one link, one video, one photo) and two curated pieces (other people’s content) each week relating back to that theme.

You, my friends, have a content calendar. As your interpersonal accounts mature, you’ll find which kind of content resonates with your audience and you could start to fine tune your strategy to include more of what works. Before you start creating content, you need to know how much you’re going to need.

This may differ predicated on your industry, audience, and social networks used. Some systems like Twitter require more articles, while if you were to post on LinkedIn as much, you’re be bombarding your audience. Day for Facebook We recommend 1-2x, day for Twitter 1-5x, day for Instagram 1x, and 1-3x week for LinkedIn.

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Don’t take this as gospel though. Test drive it out and see what gets results for you and adjust accordingly. Being consistent with your post times is another key factor for social press success, as you’re going to want to assemble a substantial amount of data which times work for your audience and which don’t. To truly get you started, consider sticking with the changing times suggested by the Burrito basic principle – 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 10 PM. They are the changing times when people are likely to be on sociable press, and most more likely to see your posts therefore.

Ensure which you have a good mixture of content types and text messages. No one desires to follow a merchant account that’s always selling so make sure to balance your marketing messages with other topics like brand culture, education, and entertainment. You might also want to include what we call OPC – other people’s content.