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By 2020, 90% of the world’s population older than six will have a cellular phone. What this means is that if you don’t concentrate on your website – and specifically on enhancing an individual experience and making it mobile friendly – you will eventually lose business. You have about five mere seconds to get someone’s persuade and attention them to stay on your site.

If your site doesn’t work or is gradual to load, that person will not back come. That’s why you will need to ensure your site is mobile optimized so that it’ll load faster. Moreover, it’ll symbolize a positive signal to search engines like Google, this means your site may also rank better organically. Thankfully, the procedure of optimizing your site for mobile isn’t rocket science, and you can do it on your own with the help of WordPress plugins.

What Is a WordPress Plugin? A plugin is also called a component (or extension), and it is defined as “a bit” of software that adds additional features to your internet site. Because WordPress is open up source, there are dozens of thousands of such plugins. From a specialized perspective, they may be written in the PHP program writing language (this is the basis of the WordPress platform) and are built to be easily installed from the administration -panel of your WordPress site.

Indeed, plugins are like mobile applications and can help you implement the craziest ideas you have in your mind even. To set up a WordPress plugin, you must go to your admin panel, the Plugins section, and select the “Add New” option. Now that you have a little more context in what WordPress plugins are, as well as what they do, here are our top picks for making your site mobile-friendly.

  • Selecting Your Domain Name, Web Hosting and Website
  • Install antivirus and update it
  • Brand awareness, and even
  • Lead conversion rate

When talking about mobile solutions for WordPress, WP Touch is the first that comes to mind. This very popular plugin has been downloaded over six million times and replaces your site with a user-friendly, mobile-centric content theme. It improves the site, rendering it faster and easier to read. WPtouch provides a straightforward theme for mobile to your website automatically, however the overall theme of your website does not change. Moreover, your articles remains the same. WPtouch changes your content for different displays simply.

Your url remains the same. Include or exclude webpages. Control and change web pages and menus. … depending on what you think is appropriate for every device. WPtouch has both a free of charge a paid option. With all the free version, you merely get access to one mobile theme. Additionally come custom features such as discovering the vocabulary, color changes and special elements to help you match your brand, specific coding and other style options.

The paid version offers seven different styles, with an increased degree of customization. WPtouch also offers a mobile cache option, which facilitates images, posting ads and conducting A/B testing. The very best feature of the plugin is how easy it is to configure it. Once enabled, your site will automatically be optimized for mobile without changing any settings.

You can also choose to change between your mobile version and the standard theme. Among the top choices when it comes to optimizing websites, Wp Super Cache has a rating of nearly five stars and is free. With over 1 million downloads, people love the variety of functionality this plugin provides absolutely.

Wp Super Cache can help improve the upload rate of your site and can be installed in parallel with Auto Optimize. A cache plugin like Wp Super Cache saves your site’s webpages and makes them faster, and never have to load all WordPress scripts. The difference is immediately visible if you test the speed of your website with a tool like GT Metrix. In short, it helps increase your site’s upload speed, especially during times of high traffic and/or whenever your hosting company is slow.

This plug-in turns dynamic PHP rules, that are hard to read by machines, into static HTML files. And the best part is that the visitors to your site won’t know a difference, even during occasions when traffic to your site is high. WP Super Cache requires little-to-no configuration, rendering it ideal for beginners. If you aren’t familiar with the technical facet of caching, you can simply switch on the plugin and allow it do its thing. Jetpack is much more complex than WP Super Cache and comes standard with a suite of features made to help you grow traffic on your site, protect it and keep your readers engaged.