IFBB PRO DAN HILL: Offseason 2019

The offseason is just finished and during the last few months I have already been working not only to improove my entire body but also to build up new relationships in the fitness industry. Right later on, i went to Italy, Bulgaria and Malta for Seminars and was allowed to meet many followers and great personalities of Bodybuilding.

I have to confess, that because of most these going and tasks, i hardly ever really been able to truly have a heavy offseason, yr but nontheless there will be significant imprroovments next, when getting into the LA Pro stage. Right now I am finding your way through some photoshoots in NEVADA and LA in the weeks around the Mr Olympia and besides I am finishing another big project, which is my first own Bodybuilding DVD.

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Known as Mick, defender Panumas grew up by his grandfather and mother, who has been left grief-stricken and refusing to consume because the united team got lost in the caves. Speaking to The Guardian, his coaches praised his skills for his age and called him ‘an ideal defender because of his fitness and fluid movement’.

Midfielder Sompong, known as Pong, supports England and dreams of becoming a footballer and representing his country, relating to his previous instructor. Pong is a cheerful son, he likes soccer, and every sport. He dreams to become a footballer for the Thai national team,’ the teenager’s teacher Manutsanun Kuntun informed AFP, using his nickname.