Metatarsal Fracture In Elite Soccer Players

Numerous studies show that stress has an effect on our body. The world famous MilanLab has acknowledged this and uses data about the psycological mind-set of players as you predictor for damage. It’s estimated that at the end of this season around 3,000 professional footballers in the united kingdom will be out of contract.

This is very good news for a few managers who can pick and choose who they want for next season. It isn’t so good for the players and frankly it could be very nerve-racking on their behalf. Numerous studies show that stress impacts the body which can greatly influence the risk of injury among footballers. The celebrated Milan Lab (the medical lab of AC Milan) has acknowledged this and uses data about the mental mind-set of players as one predictor for damage. Since its introduction Ever, the Milan Lab has already established something of the magical feel about it.

Apparently, no matter how bad the injury, the medical staff at AC Milan is always in a position to fix it. The person behind the MilanLab is a Belgian chiropractor called Jean-Pierre Meersseman. He began to take a look at players as a whole. The Milan Lab is a high-tech technological research centre designed to optimise a players psycho-social condition to help them achieve and maintain a top-level athletic performance.

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At the same time, it can help medical staff predict damage also. The vision of the Milan Lab is to check out the player all together and the results have been impressive. The majority of us understand that to achieve an optimized performance, you need proper fitness and diet. In the conservative world of football however, the mental aspect is often overseen.

Not at AC Milan though: they have taken this to the next level. In the club, they have actually created a mind room. In this room, the athletes psychological state are studied and monitored in a glassed-in facility. The players use comfortable ergonomic seats to see relaxing images while psychologists monitor their mental state via miniature electrodes suited to the players head that are connected to some type of computer.

The mind room is used to improve the recovery rate of the players between matches and provides scope to allow them to get over negative stress. The facility helps the players to relax and to relieve stress. The sessions last for about 20 minutes and take place after every work out. But it doesnt stop here.

The MilanLab in addition has committed to an artificial intelligence computer system that collects and processes information. All the information regarding the player available, physical-biochemical and psychological, is fed into this operational system. This system can “self-teach” through the process of memorised data which can determine which factors may cause a new player to suffer an injury. The medical personnel use traffic light system to see whether a new player is fit enough to try out. Only the ones that have a green light, will be able to play.