My Investment Portfolio

For this month, I’ve attended the following AGMs/EGMs/briefings – Transcorp, GuocoLeisure, Singapura Finance, PCI, Chuan Hup, China Yuanbang, Lion AsiaPac, Parkson Retail Asia, Lasseters and K1 Ventures. For my top 30 holdings, Sarine Technologies was again a huge mover, but this time in the contrary direction due to bad industry news. Most of the stocks in the list do not change much in their positions, this month except for those which I have added more.

I have bought the following companies from the market this month – CapitaLand, City Developments, Far East Orchard, Hiap Hoe, Hotel Royal, Isetan, Jardine Strategic, Keppel T&T, Parkson Retail Asia, Shangri-La Asia, Teck Wah, UOL and Willas-Array. My shares in MIIF was acquired via redemption after the company had sold all its assets and return cash return to shareholders. I’ve also participated in the next scrip dividend techniques – Global Investments, Jardine Strategic and Vibrant Group.

Next month will a gradual month as very little companies will be holding meetings. Nevertheless, there will be dividend payouts from companies who kept their AGMs in October and I am seeking to re-invest some of these dividends. Before the year attracts to a close With only two months still left, it’ll be a good time to do some reflections as well.

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  • It modernizes production processes, enhancing cost effectiveness
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