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First – you have a model who did not sign a model release and who’s likeness was found in the marketing and advertising of a rock band. Her story – a Polaroid “snapshot” of the model, taken by her mother may well have been something directed at a charity bazaar (throughout a house-cleaning?). 2,000,000. If Orphan Works were approved, surely her mom (the photographer) wouldn’t have recourse, but, would the topic? And now, a second consideration.

All to often, rings claim to haven’t any money to cover photography – let alone the visual images they use to advertise their albums/CD’s. Being covered cover uses is crucial, and beliefs an skyrocket. This point is never to be missed – rock rings typically want to pay a small fraction of the real value that an record cover image should permit for. That image can be synonymous with the musician and recording.

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It will be used in advertising, marketing, and so on, for a long time to come. The power of the photographer to relicense that image for exclusive use shall not exist in the music industry, and may well be an presssing concern for other industries as well. Further, and do not fall for this one – the record label may say they need to have all rights in perpetuity! Please post your comments by clicking the hyperlink below. If you’ve got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

Business owners should utilize this approach to financing very cautiously. Much like bank lines of credit, many business owners use their credit cards to invest in their businesses. Bank cards offer the ability to make purchases or obtain payday loans and pay them at another time. It ought to be noted that bank cards can be considered a very expensive source of funding.

Although most bank cards have reasonably low interest rates for buys, their advance loan rates can be as high as 17% to 19% due to higher delinquency rates. Furthermore, most credit cards will ask you for 2% to 4% of the facial skin value of the advance loan as a “fee”. Much like loan company lines of credit, the business owner individually guarantees payment of a credit card.

Thus, this method of financing can be very risky if the business does not produce the expected results and the business owner cannot pay back the credit card company. Business owners should use this approach to funding very cautiously. Business owners who are also homeowners have the option of tapping into their home equity to finance their ongoing business operations. This technique of financing gained a great deal of momentum between the years 2000 and 2004 when interest rates where at their least expensive point in years and real estate was appreciating in value. A significant disadvantage if this financing method is it directly places the business owners home at risk.