So Here You Go

I am very happy to announce that, the other day ” VIRTUAL SHOE MUSEUM” posted a blog post about “shoemaking classes online” . Very complete, great post , and it was kind of a weird for me personally , in a good sense, as a longtime follower of this website to be on it. You welcome to learn the post in the hyperlink below. My YouTube route consist more then 40 lessons and it’s easy to get lost, specially with a fresh YouTube layout.

Recently I was asked by a member to show how to make a pattern and actually to make heel cover from leather. It made me think on every one of the changes that happened since I began this blog and maybe there is a problem, specially with my long tutorials that I made and I defiantly need to take care of it. So you go here, a short ( 20 min) tutorial on “Steps to make a leather cover for a heel”. It’s in a normal speed, but there is me talking like on my classes no, maybe next time.

Similarly, Instagram audiences like to see beautiful photos with/without filter systems. And, on Twitter, users expect your message to end within 140 heroes. Sure, you can write a long note on Facebook, take its snapshot and post it on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat as a picture update. But, that just wouldn’t get the same level of engagement with your target audience. As a press strategy, it seems indifferent, sluggish even. A cheat sheet Here’s, by Likeable Media, that shows the pros and cons of the major social media platforms. A great exemplory case of a person that handles all social media exquisitely is Gary Vaynerchuk.

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All of his interpersonal platforms are filled with engaging, value-adding and relevant content that appears to be at one with the sociable route. If you take a look at his Instagram feed, you’ll find many inspiring quotes with his photo in the background. You’ll see personal photos from his speaking engagements also.

DailyVee and inspirational brief videos. If you scroll through Gary’s Twitter feed, his improvements are a variety of his real-time commentary on occasions that matter to him, images and videos. So, it’s just the kind of content that Twitter users expect. What’s more interesting is how brilliantly Gary repurposes his content even. For example, he uploads videos natively on Facebook, because they have been found to progress engagement than video links from third-party websites.

Here’s the short video from his YouTube route – it’s also the foundation for the Instagram photo update that I distributed above. Overall, Gary’s existence implies that he knows the principal internet sites to the T and has honed his understanding of his target audience. Even though he might be automating a few updates through tools, most of his interpersonal content has an authentic charm. He leverages native capabilities of all social networks brilliantly.

The key is to (mostly) talk about exclusive content on all sociable media systems where you hang out. If you don’t think a interpersonal media platform audience matches your brand and you don’t have the resources to handle content creation for your platform, don’t utilize it then. Not every social network will be right for your business.