South America CAN BE AN Opportunity AVAILABLE TO Socially Responsible Investors (SRI)

South American nations are abundant with natural resources, while modern developed countries have under total threat the option of them in their homeland. If South American nations follow the original way to development used by Europe, China, USA, and other Parts of asia, we will consume our resources long before becoming a developed country. I don’t have data, but clearly an integral part of the growth of the most sophisticated nations is because of buying cheap natural resources from SOUTH USA during XX century up to now.

Spain become a very power during two – three generations due the materials of gold and other materials from America on Colonial times ( 1500-1800). Portugal and other empires benefited from the same. These needs for supplies symbolize a chance of business and jobs on present time. However, we should focus on receive investors interested on sustainability, so our resources can last even more time. Chile for instance, is completely reliant on coal and oil from other nations.

Its own creation is almost zero. Our power bills are the priciest in Latina America, because we are using mainly fossil fuels to create energy. We are in need of investors focused in Renewable energies. Modern nations are returning from the very basic removal of resources, plus they pay a great deal of focus on lasting methods. But on many cases, they do not care when they come to South America to run an operation. Recently in 2013, Barrick Gold large search for platinum in the Pascua Lama task, has been put into halt by the Environmental agency in Chile, because they didn’t meet their own sustainability methods !

They designed something to look after glaciers and drinking water streams, however they didn’t perform what they guaranteed on their engineering program. 10.000 million investment being transported on both relative edges of the Andes, above 4.000 meters of altitude between Argentina and Chile. Why in the world these super leaders in business thought that they could do anything in SOUTH USA?

They never expected that people are rising our standards which the Environmental Agency and communities have more power than before. But, the question it continues to be in place. Why top professionals and top businessmen and large investors, still think that upon leaving their home country, they have a free of charge license to destroy everything?

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It can be an ethical challenge. We have to widen our honest vision to incorporate mankind and the earth as one entity to which everyone belongs. So, traders coming to this part of the global world, should apply the same criteria and requirements for caring for the surroundings and areas used when they invest on their own nation.

The planet is merely the same. Humanity is one just. So, I believe SOUTH USA could benefit a lot from the wisdom acquired by many businessmen and professionals from present developed nations, that are treating wisely their house countries. We need such input, heart and vision put to work on Latin America.

Of course, we need also our market leaders and legislation manufacturers, may adjust old Latinoamerican rules to a far more sustainable development. Also, the new way to development is placing focus not only on the goods, services and possessions provided by the market and modern societies. But is caring for the folks itself also, as communities, families, vulnerable and disabled people. First Nations pledges, education, social services, etc, for the layman. WHILE I studied Economics, all the situations were referred to large multinational companies. None, described the companies offering 80% of the employment in Chile: Small Businesses. This must be the same in all the others of Latin America.