The HIGH GRADE Project: Review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge

Even though I redeemed Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles for our airline flight to Yogyakarta, the trip would be managed by their local subsidiary actually, SilkAir. After a quick check-in, we then proceeded to immigration. I just wished to point out that security at the airport seemed very lax then. Usually, someone mans the entrance to immigration and chooses people randomly for the x-ray screening. This time around, there was nobody there and people were just going straight to immigration — then, eventually, airside without their carry-ons once being x-ray-ed even.

I know that there surely is a final check at each departure gate but I feel like there should be an initial screening process before people can go inside the main terminal. Don’t judge. Actually, I should’ve consumed more if I knew I would experience what I did in the following SilkAir airline flight — but more on that later.

Anyway, the lounge was alright because of its purpose. Just a little dated but nothing at all bad. Maybe they’ll start renovating these lounges to follow their new lounge concept design — as with Manila. But, as it is, I’d probably still allot up to one hour to relax and get my bearings here before my trip.

The definition a performance management system is something where the expectations are properly defined and the average person manager or worker can manage their own performance and apply it as a normal reporting tool (empowerment). Under good governance concepts, the introduction of performance management systems that are confirming systems is essential also. People management is complex; the performance of people strategy depends on how it draws upon all the many HR/OD etc fields to come up with something integrated.

And all the various levels or components of the strategy that stream from that – be it an overall HCM Strategy. Many HR functions don’t believe cross-functionally and holistically and as such, can’t formulate an effective and comprehensive HCM Technique to align with the business. Now, the available digital technology and tools allow the HR assets to be positioned on the balance sheet.

  • How your projects affects other employees (soft skills as a leader)
  • You operate multiple businesses under your existing partnership agreement
  • Evaluate your skills to recognize gaps
  • References to cells containing dates; or

If the business is using modern human capital management strategies, they shall be in a position to plan, measure and deal with the human being capital more effectively. From strategy on the paper to living on the strategy is a key part of business execution. The HCM strategy record needs to emphasize broad strategy per skill management process, key components, deliverables agreed to the right time term, main risks and control procedures, helping systems observed and defined metrics.

If HR knows this plan, they can live and influence components within this strategy in their relevant sphere of impact, whether it is with local, local or corporate and business business market leaders. The follow-through from technique to well-defined operational guidelines and buy-in of suitably equipped people in HR infrastructure is the key to moving from a strategy in writing to living on the strategy. In many ways that are perhaps the most productive part – the strategy that comes from it more like the icing on the wedding cake. The more that dialogue to build up shared understanding between HCM and business occurs the better!

Create and launch your programs and products predicated on a formula that generates and maximizes sales. Money flows most through clear buildings and systems easily. Systems streamline your projects and that means you can spend some time serving your clients and creating more income. Keeping this model will leave you burnt out and struggling to earn enough – let alone to break through into new income levels.