What Have We Lost?

As the drumbeat of frightening, disturbing, upsetting, anger-inducing, even fatal occasions greet me after a week away in the Arizona Mountains, it becomes harder to think of pleasant subjects appropriate for a blog about the optimum time of life. Somehow writing about vacations, finding a fun hobby, or a fresh reserve seems almost flippant.

So, I will vent a little in this article, and then likely go back to what you arrived here for: retirement lifestyle advice. I started my radio profession as a newsman at the ripe old age of 15. My expose to news gathering and being careful in what I covered started at a very tender age.

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College included a few journalism classes, as well as a major in International Relations. I spent 4 years learning about diplomacy, history of conflicts and wars, the role of geography in shaping politics, and in using strength for positive purposes. During that right time, many of our country’s leading diplomats experienced graduated from the same school I attended. I could see the proper use of words firsthand, policy and compromise in helping form the global world. Of course, I also saw the disasters of things such as the Vietnam War or the Civil Rights horrors, too. Folks are people and bad things may happen really. You receive by me this background to help you understand my dismay at the existing situation.

With the taking pictures at a Maryland newspapers and death dangers against at least one Congresswoman as just the newest events, it appears obvious that the rhetoric of the past 1 . 5 years is turning more deadly. Certain people feel emboldened to show political slogans and dangerous chat into horrific activities. Let’s admit that there has always been biases in some of the media. After all, people are billed with looking at or interpreting an event or what of the speech into a concise recap.

Each folks has a means of viewing things that can color what we think, say, and do. Our response is filtered through the world view. In today’s hyper-politicized environment, some media outlet stores have established that being opinionated and driven by one ideology or another raises revenue and impact. Fox News on the right and MSNBC on the left have abandoned a lot of the “truth and moderation” premise of legitimate journalism. Some newspapers, magazines, radio systems or specific commentators decided their “side.” The idea that used to dominate the majority of journalism: being centrist, moderate, and restricting views to the Editorial web page, is sliding away.

Economically, journalism has become a business that understands niche marketing: picking a market and super-serving it. What’s most dangerous is the recent decision by most of us that something we disagree with, or find will go against our beliefs, must be “fake.” That indicated term means the info provided is not real, it is fiction. Whatever doesn’t support what we should believe to be true is usually to be disregarded and dismissed. By declaring information we disagree with as fake, we are declaring that people know the ultimate truth, without margin for mistake.

There is no chance that what we think might need to be reexamined. There no possibility that people can be incorrect about something. There is absolutely no possibility that a leader’s statements are not true, but are made to activate a violent, non-thinking, unquestioning response of “the bottom” whether that is on the still left or right. Anyone who suggests in any other case is the foe and it is open to an angry, even violent reaction maybe. As being a society, when we get to the point where anyone who disagrees with us is the enemy, in an exceedingly physical and real sense, I suggest we’ve drawn a line that will be very difficult to erase.

If the only response to another opinion, interpretation, or the truth of a matter is one of violent rejection and vilification, we are no experiencing a democracy much longer. If one story, or one point of view is treated and unquestioned as words from the Oracle, with death to the people who differently see something, what have we lost?