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They’ll highlight potential cost savings and customizable income sharing options for pension plan sponsors, improved communication initiatives, and enhanced portability options (trading via the NSCC system) for CITs. These efforts appear to be working, with Invesco and Pensions Investments record quick enlargement of CITs in the retirement space. So, how should we think about CITs vs. It could help to consider the differences of a complete service grocery string and a discount grocery chain, like PriceRite or Save-A-Lot. Full service grocery stores shall bag your groceries for you when you leave the store.

Discount grocers expect you to bag your own groceries and they’ll ask you for extra dime for plastic bags. Discount grocers have a smaller amount of brands on racks, more common brands, and frequently sell lower quality produce. Around the plus side, they can sell food at significant discounts compared to full service food markets. First account: do you go through the discount grocer as moving on cost savings to the client?

Or do you see additional staff to bag groceries or free plastic luggage as valuable services well worth paying for? In other words, discount grocery buyers are sacrificing time and benefits for additional savings. Maybe we can regard CIT users similarly: they may be sacrificing the time and effort to conduct the additional due diligence for lower fees.

Second consideration: the majority of us feel reasonably component as it pertains to bagging our very own groceries, so we can appreciate both relative edges of the trade-off at a grocery store. We aren’t forced into one choice. On the other hand, operational and investment level due diligence is more complicated than bagging groceries, so maybe investment committees, especially those without trusted consultants to spearhead due diligence attempts, might feel constrained into the full service option.

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CITs aren’t always better because they’re cheaper. CITs aren’t always worse because of the additional burden. Some retirement plans utilize them. Some retirement plans have considered and declined CITs. What’s befitting your plan? It depends on the willingness and ability of the investment or plan committee to absorb more responsibility in trade for plan cost savings.

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